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Eric T. Taylor has outstanding qualifications and over 18 years' experience serving the people of the Tampa Bay area and statewide Florida. He is a former Hillsborough County prosecutor and attorney with strong community focus. The George Foreman grills antitrust settlement — along with successful outcomes earned in many eminent domain cases demonstrates Tampa’s Eminent Domain Attorney Eric T.  Taylor's proven ability to succeed in negotiation or at trial when the stakes are high.

Today, Eric T. Taylor leads a Tampa Bay Law Firm dedicated to obtaining justice for all types of people. Attorney Taylor will not & cannot be intimidated by powerful adversaries or complex cases. Equally we are friendly, accessible people with a genuine concern for our clients. We have built a reputation for earning our clients’ trust and providing caring service to help solve difficult problems.

It is reasonable to want an attorney who is patient and attentive with you, yet capable of working forcefully and relentlessly on your behalf. If you are in the Tampa Bay area and in need of a law firm experienced in handling eminent domain, criminal defense, and personal injury cases, we encourage you to contact us for a free consultation on an issue you face today.

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Tampa Bay eminent domain proceedings can be complicated and stressful. Do not try to negotiate a settlement with the government without talking to a qualified Tampa Bay eminent domain attorney. You have rights, and Attorney Eric T. Taylor knows how to protect your rights and property. Call Attorney Taylor today at 813-259-4444 to schedule your free consultation.